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Coil Storage
Sheet & Plate Storage
Welcome to Our Gallery
Here we provide you with some insights into our logistics hub: our Service Center in Krems on the Danube.

Exterstahl is one of the most successful and significant suppliers of steel sheets and plates in Central and Southeast Europe.
Since 1994, the name EXTERSTAHL has stood for the dependable supply of flat and long products in the steel sector. Erected in 2003, the Service Center is located in Krems on the Danube, practically at the intersection of Southeast and Northwest Europe. This location features a first-class, trimodal connection (water/rail/road).
Steel coils from renowned and selected EU steelworks in the old and new EU Member States are primarily processed on the basis of close, long-term relationships.
The SCC is specialized in the manufacturing of hot-rolled sheets and plates in all currently common grades.

Even black coils are stored only in the warehouse for quality reasons.
The first of our 4 warehouses at the Service Center Krems at the Krems port. The export share currently lies at nearly 70%. Our list of customers includes many renowned companies from the construction machinery, mechanical engineering, vehicle construction and boiler construction fields. Exterstahl practically supplies regular customers only. The customer list has shown little fluctuation over the years.

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